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Gonzalo Torreras,
Hubspot freelance developer

Who am I

I am a multidisciplinary front-end developer with backend knowledge in my backpack. I am based in Mallorca, Spain (GTM+1). Although, I have been working as a freelance remotely since 2013.

I usually fit seamlessly with my client teams and internal processes. I have been working mostly with Hubspot partners since 2015 when I started to specialize in the Hubspot ecosystem. I like to provide a reliable and organized system where we can trust each other, with no surprises. 

My daily workflow usually involves a lot of meetings with my team's clients providing reliable support as an external consultant for the teams, HubL for custom modules and templates and quite a variety of music. I like to accommodate my dev sessions with a good amount of classic rock, lofi, some hyper focus white noise or some instrumental jazz.

I definitely hate technical debt, so you won't find me doing quick and dirty fixes, but always working looking for the best performance and upgradability.

Core strengths

Efficient code

Not all the code works the same (even if it's visually the same). Performance/speed has been always an important topic for me, along with technical SEO.

Flexible code

Reusable, upgradeable are some major characteristics that you need to keep in mind, otherwise technical debt will hit you sooner than later.

Clean code

Well-organized and fragmented code helps to load only the bare minimum needed for each page. This helps to keep lightweight and structured code.

Hubspot developer

Fully certified on technical Hubspot CMS platform and API integrations.

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HubSpot user

I am in the top +1000 worldwide more active users on Hubspot CMS (2019 & 2020)

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community member

Solution provider, always happy to answer questions to new  community members

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CAB Member

As an open-source lover, I expanded Hubspot design manager capabilities to help developers to speed up the workflow.
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As an open-source lover, I expanded Hubspot design manager capabilities to help developers to speed up the workflow.
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Snippets, tips
and tricks publisher

Code snippets and full solutions to guide developers to squeeze Hubspot to its best!
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Some awesome clients:

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